Cold Weather Goodness
from the Kitchen

Cold Weather Goodnessfrom the Kitchen

Brrr! It’s been really cold around here, even for the South. Cold weather poses special challenges from an eating standpoint. For one thing, it takes more energy to stay warm! So high calorie foods are not only appealing, but necessary to a point.

Take advantage of the winter days to fuel your body right, and enjoy your kitchen.

Here are a few ways to do both:

Take a weekend day to bake things for the week.

Homemade bread is actually easy – you choose the wholesome ingredients, and the oven warms the kitchen. While the oven is on, use it to roast root vegetables and hard squash, which can then be stored in the refrigerator, and reheated later in the week.



Make stews and soups.

Soups are a great way to stay warm and hydrated in winter, and get all of your nutrition in one bowl. They’re thrifty and delicious, as well.

Don’t forget the citrus.

Winter is citrus season, and there couldn’t be a better time to stoke up that vitamin C to ward off winter colds. Lemons – the juice and the zest – brighten up almost any dish. Oranges, tangerines and grapefruit taste so fresh and hydrating, and give instant relief from dry air.

Herbal tea.

Herbal tea fills your kitchen with delectable fragrance. It tastes great, has zero calories, warms up and relaxes the body and imparts nutritional value. Ok, that’s it! I’m off to brew a pot now!

Bonus! Here’s a favorite winter recipe from me:

Wild caught salmon with sautéed organic spinach and brown rice

Wild caught salmon
Fresh garlic
Olive oil
For the sautéed spinach:
Fresh spinach
Fresh tomato
Olive oil
Salt to taste

I grilled salmon in the oven using broiler setting. For the spinach sautéed my chopped onion, garlic, tomato and ginger until tender, add salt to taste and then add spinach at the very last minute, stir to incorporate and take off the stove.