Love is… Leadership

Love is... Leadership

Raising healthy kids has become a huge challenge in today’s world. Everywhere you look, big companies are pushing sugar, salt and artificial food-like substances on our kids. The advertising is always splashy and exciting, and while it is often aimed at our kids, it’s frequently aimed at parents, as well.


We are bombarded with images of chocolates, sugary yogurt, processed and sweetened cereal, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. If you didn’t know better, you’d think this was the only way to eat!

So, the pressure is on. It’s easy to just give up and eat what’s handy – especially on the go. However, it takes only a little extra effort to choose good, healthy foods for our selves, and our children. That doesn’t make you the mean mommy (or daddy) – it shows leadership.

Love is in the smallest gestures – offering ripe fresh berries, instead of candy; cutting a juicy apple into thin slices, easy for little hands to grab; making celery and peanut butter fun and special by adding raisins for “ants on a log;” topping a crunchy salad with finely shredded carrots and radishes to make root veggies easy to eat.

Loving our kids doesn’t mean giving in to candy and treats. Love means showing leadership, and doing what’s best, even when it’s a challenge. Eating well can be fun and easy, with a little imagination, and a little help. Before long, your kids will be pitching in with their own healthy dishes.

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