Tender and Tough: In Celebration of Fathers!

Tender and Tough: In Celebration of Fathers!

Last month, I was sitting in the airport, waiting to catch a flight. If you follow my social media, you can tell I travel a whole lot. It was the usual scene: crowds of people milling around, noisy announcements blaring, exhausted travelers trying to catch a break between Point A and Point B.

As I looked around, I saw a young dad carrying his toddler. This guy was effortlessly carrying 2  large travel bags on one shoulder, and a sleepy, fretful little boy on the other shoulder. Amidst the chaos, this dad was like an island of calm. He stood tall and strong, peaceful and unflustered. The baby was restless, and dropped his pacifier on the floor. I watched as Dad slowly, seamlessly scooped up the paci, and carefully cleaned it with a clean towel and some bottled water. All at once, he was balancing the toddler on his shoulder and juggling those huge bags, and soothing his little one.

Well, that scene went straight to my heart. This dad showed such calm, patience and love in one small gesture. Traveling with little ones is no joke! It takes a tender, tough dad to handle traveling alone with a toddler so gracefully.

There’s a lot of focus on moms these days, and there’s no doubt that moms are working harder than ever and doing amazing things. But so are dads! With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, it’s time to recognize and appreciate all the wonderful fathers, and father-figures out there, doing the hard work that only dads can do. Dads have a unique combination of tender and tough that kids really need.

Millions of wonderful dads, step-dads, uncles and grandfathers out there are making a huge difference in their kids’ lives. You guys are there day in and day out for your kids, and you may not even realize what a big impact you are having. You are leading by example, teaching your kids how to play fair, be polite, be orderly and disciplined, and treat others with respect.

It is unfortunate that so many children live without fathers. We must collectively honor, support and lift up dads in the hard work of raising kids, because kids with fathers have far fewer problems, and grow up to be stronger, more healthy adults. Research has shown what we know instinctively – kids with involved fathers are more successful in relationships and in life. A father’s love gives kids a sense of autonomy and security – setting them up for a lifetime of independence, success and confidence.

So this Father’s Day, I want to recognize and encourage all the strong, courageous and loving men stepping up to be a Dad. You are needed and loved. Thank you for all you do!

My Oga with 2 of our boys, missing in action is our oldest.

Hope you find a reason to be grateful today.

Love and light