Ginger Coconut MilkOatmeal

Ginger coconut milk oatmeal is what’s for breakfast. Ginger is one of the world’s most available and used medicinal herb on planet earth. I started adding ginger to our kiddos meals at about 10m for taste and health benefits. Raise your hand if you love ginger and tag your besties, it is porridge season let’s help each other keep it healthy. We are truly what we eat and our kids what we feed them.


Ingredients organic

Ginger (matchstick slices)
Coconut oil
Soaked oatmeal (this makes cooking so much faster)
Homemade coconut milk
If serving to kid who is not a good ‘chewer’ take out the ginger sticks before adding oatmeal, your coconut oil will be infused with the ginger flavor. I can’t tell you how tasty this is.