ChickenSpinach Pocket

If your family is not yet on whole grains we can still make it healthy while you work on the transition, every little bit helps.
Turn your puff pastry into this delightful chicken and spinach pocket for breakfast tomorrow. This took no time at all.


Ingredients Organic:

Puff pastry .


Finely chopped onion (1/2)
Finely chopped scallions (2)
Ground chicken (12oz)
Finely chopped fresh spinach
Fresh grated cheese (1 cup)
1 @yummyspoonfuls Only Butternut Squash pouch.
Salt pepper to taste.
1 egg + 1 tablespoon water for wash


Sautéed onions until tender, add ground chicken continue cooking until brown stirring constantly, season to taste, add scallions and butternut squash, add spinach, cook for just a minute, turn of stove and add in cheese. Mix properly and you are ready to fill your pastry.
Fill pastry, apply wash for that golden brown and back at 400*.
My hack here is the creamy butternut squash, reduce cheese while keeping the chicken moist.