Spinach Apple BananaSmoothie

Spinach is a nutritional bonanza, studies  continue to validate it’s ability to protect against cancer, it prevent the body’s cell from undergoing mutation and blocks the formation of nitrosamines which are potent carcinogens. Now you see why fresh organic spinach needs to be a part of your family’s diet. Our son had his 1st raw spinach smoothie at 9months and it is still his all time favorite drink today

I use every opportunity to nourish the kids, at our house snacks are just as healthy as regular meal  though we go all out for treats:) and smoothies are healthy super tasty snack/food that even your most picky eater will enjoy. Here is one of our all time spinach smoothie recipe.

Note: spinach turns to be a bit foaming, ice is important since it helps to reduce it.


Ingredients organic

2 cups fresh baby spinach

1 large apple, cored/chopped (Fuji or Cameo are our favorites)

1 large ripe banana

1/2 cup crushed ice

1/2 cup coconut water/plain water (use cold pressed apple juice if you want it very sweet)

slice of fresh ginger


Blend all together until smooth and creamy.

Have a wonderful day and hope you find a reason to be grateful.